Go deeper into your silence through Osho’s passive meditations..

112 techniques from Shiva

The Book of Secrets is a series of talks with commentaries on the 112 meditation techniques given by Shiva to his consort Devi, alternated with question and answer sessions. There is a technique here, Osho says, for every type of man and woman in the world, from the past, present or future. Devi (Ma Parvati, Lord Shiva’s consort) asks: O Shiva, what is your reality? What is the wonder-filled universe? What constitutes seed? Who centers the universal wheel? What is the life beyond form pervading forms? How may we enter it fully, above space and time, names and descriptions? Let [...]

Osho Vipassana Meditation

"There are hundreds of methods of meditation, but perhaps Vipassana has a unique status; just the same way as there have been thousands of mystics, but Gautam Buddha has a uniqueness of his own. In many ways he is incomparable. In many ways he has done more for humanity than anybody else. In many ways his search for truth was more sincere, more authentic than anybody else's. The meaning – the literal meaning – of the word Vipassana is "to look," and the metaphorical meaning is "to watch, to witness." Gautam Buddha has chosen a meditation that can be called [...]

Nadabrahma Meditation

Nadabrahma Meditation is an ancient Tibetan technique of chanting which creates an energy-field of awareness within. "It is a mantra meditation, and mantra is one of the most potential ways. It is very simple yet tremendously effective, because when you chant a mantra or you chant a sound your body starts vibrating; your brain cells particularly start vibrating. If rightly done your whole brain becomes tremendously vibrant, and the whole body also. Once the body starts vibrating and your mind is already chanting, they both fall in a tune." Osho Instructions: First Stage: 30 minutes Sit in a relaxed position [...]

Osho Chakra Sound Meditation

Osho Chakra Sound Meditation uses vocal sounds made during meditation to open and harmonize the 7 chakras. Osho Chakra Sound meditation is a very soft way to activate and harmonize the energy centers of the body, working with the vibrations of musical sound.The music was recorded during a live performance of musicians and singers working very closely with the makers of the meditation. In this way, the music not only uses the exact sounds which will activate each chakra, but also musically illustrates the character of each individual center. The meditator is advised to sing along and harmonize with the music. Singing [...]

Gourishankar Meditation

Osho Gourishankar Meditation a soft centering evening meditation lasting one hour which works on the third eye chakra. This technique is a simple way to experience glimpses of mindless and it will help to calm the nerve system and will make a night sleep deep and peaceful. When Osho was asked about connection between carbon dioxide and waking up of kundalini (In search of Miraculous, v.1, ch.12, qn 3) his answer was “there are many connections between them. One, we carry within us the potential for both life and death. While the oxygen of breath represents our potential for life, carbon [...]

Osho Devavani Meditation

Devavani is the divine voice which moves and speaks through the mediator,who becomes an empty vessel, a channel.  Osho Devavani meditation is a one hour meditation with music, can be done alone or in a group. This meditation is a latihan of the tongue, it relaxes the conscious mind so deeply that, when done last thing at night, is sure to be followed by a profound sleep. Instructions: 1st Stage 15 minutes With eyes closed sit quietly, preferably with gentle music playing. 2nd Stage: 15 minutes Keeping your eyes closed, start making nonsense sounds, for example ‘la. . . la. . [...]

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