Osho Gourishankar Meditation a soft centering evening meditation lasting one hour which works on the third eye chakra.

This technique is a simple way to experience glimpses of mindless and it will help to calm the nerve system and will make a night sleep deep and peaceful.

When Osho was asked about connection between carbon dioxide and waking up of kundalini (In search of Miraculous, v.1, ch.12, qn 3) his answer was “there are many connections between them. One, we carry within us the potential for both life and death. While the oxygen of breath represents our potential for life, carbon dioxide represents the potential for death…Both the elements are operating within us. If we have more of carbon dioxide, we will slide into lethargy. That is why it is easier to sleep in the night than in the daytime, because during the night the amount of carbon dioxide goes up while that of oxygen declines. That is how we go to sleep so easily in the night and not so easily during the daytime.”


First Stage: 15 Minutes

15 minutes – Sit with closed eyes. Inhale deeply through the nose, filling the lungs. Hold the breath for as long as possible; then exhale very gently through the mouth, and keep the lungs empty for as long as possible. Continue this breathing throughout the first stage.

Second Stage: 15 Minutes

Return to normal breathing, keep your body still and relaxed in a sitting position and with your eyes open gaze softly at a candle flame or a flashing (strobe) blue light.

If you use the strobe blue light, the frequency of the flashes should be synchronized with the drumbeats of the music for this stage.from the CD (7 times the average heart beat).

Third Stage 15 Minutes

With closed eyes, slowly get back on your feet with your body loose and receptive. Now move very gently and subtly in whichever way you want, the subtle energies within this “latihan” will move you from within, as if you are a puppet hanging from invisible strings and being pulled in different directions slowly and gracefully.

Fourth Stage 15 Minutes

Close your eyes, lie down, doing nothing, be still.


Listen and Download Meditation Music- Gourishankar Meditation Music