Osho Early Life (1931-1967)

DECEMBER 11, 1931 Osho is born in Kuchwada, a small village in the state of Madhya Pradesh, central India, where His maternal grandparents live.He explains the small village in one of his talks "I am reminded again of the small village where I was born. Why existence should have chosen that small village in the first place is unexplainable. It is as it should be. The village was beautiful. I have traveled far and wide but I have never come across that same beauty. One never comes again to the same. Things come and go, but it is never [...]

Osho 1968 – 1981

1968 – REVOLUTIONARY PUBLIC TALKS Osho is invited to Bombay to give a series of five talks of "love", in the prestigious Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan Auditorium. In the first discourse on August 28, Osho explains that love and meditation arise as a transformation of sexual energy, and that if sex is suppressed it cannot be transformed. Many people are outraged that He talked about sex, and the owner of the auditorium cancels the series. On September 28, Osho returns to Bombay to complete the talks to a very large audience at the Gwalior Tank Maidan. The series is published [...]

Osho 1981-1985

IN SILENCE On April 10, 1981, Osho sends a message that He is entering ultimate stage of His work, and that from this date He will speak only through silence. He continues to meet with His secretary but does not appear until three weeks later when the satsangs are resumed and Osho appears in the meditation hall to sit silently with His disciples and visitors. An ancient Buddhist chant is sung at the beginning of the meetings, and they end with music, singing, and dancing. Meanwhile, Osho's health has become more and more fragile, In addition to His allergies, [...]

Osho 1985-1990

THE WORLD TOUR -- A STUDY IN HUMAN RIGHTS Dec.1985 : Bhagwan's new secretary, His companion, His doctor and other western disciples accompanying Him were ordered out of India, their visas canceled. No reason was given by the Indian government for this unprecedented action except, "You are not wanted here." Bhagwan left to join them in Kathmandu, Nepal, where He resumed His daily discourses. Feb.1986: Bhagwan went to Greece on a 30-days tourist visa, where He lived in the villa of a Greek film producer and started to speak twice daily. Disciples flocked to hear Him. The Greek Orthodox [...]

OSHO – “Mahaparinirvana”

April 10, 1989 : Osho tells His secretary that as He finished the discourse, His energy completely changed. He explains that in the same way one enters the world through nine months in the womb, nine months before dying the energy again enters an incubatory period for death. This evening's discourse was to have been the beginning of a new series titled "Awakening of the Buddha". May 19: In a general meeting in the meditation hall, it is announced that Osho will not speak publicly again. May 23: It is announced that Osho will come to the meditation hall in [...]

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