Osho’s contribution to the the modern age..therapies that cleanse and give you back the freshness of a newborn child.

No Mind Therapy

A 7-day process for 2 hours a day, designed by Osho, to cleanse and de-stress the mind. No Mind Therapy is one of the meditative processes that Osho created shortly before leaving his body. Mystic Rose, Born Again and the No-Mind all fall under this category of powerful energy releasing meditations Using the unique and an unusual technique of speaking only Gibberish you can release the stress in your mind and unburden yourself by expressing blocked, repressed energies in a new and original way. No Mind therapy is a seven day process, two hours daily. One hour gibberish, one hour silence and [...]

Born Again Therapy

A Meditative Therapy which will take you deep into freeing up conditioned and repressed energies.. Born Again Therapy is a Meditative Therapy which will take you deep into freeing up conditioned and repressed energies that are locked in many negative beliefs and patterns of behavior from our childhood which inhibit, freeze and block our life force. This is a pure energy process to reconnect to your own childlike vitality and joy. Over a period of 18 months before Osho left His body. He created a new series of "meditative therapies." Uniquely simple and effective, they involve a minimum of interaction [...]

Mystic Rose Therapy

Osho mystic rose therapy is a 21-day technique, a unique, dynamic healing and life changing process. In 1988, Osho, an Enlightened Mystic devised this technique for the many thousands of people who had gathered in the Buddhafield of his commune in India. Over many years Osho created many meditation techniques specifically designed for Modern man. All these wonderful techniques are well known worldwide. Osho created 3 new techniques shortly before leaving his body in 1990. The first was The Mystic Rose Meditation. The second was Born Again Meditation and the third No-Mind Meditation. The Mystic Rose Meditation is a three-week [...]

Talking to your body-mind Therapy

Its seven days technique, a guided meditation process to remind yourself of the forgotten language of talking to the mind & body. Meditative Therapies are processes for freeing old, stuck energies, to renew vitality and to create space for silence. They work energetically, bypassing the conscious, analytical mind. They are therefore clear, pure processes where individuals are connecting directly with their own energy, without any interference or intervention from a facilitator (except in rare circumstances where guidance is needed). And all of them are basically meditations – even in the active phase, one is in a moment-to-moment encounter with oneself. [...]

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